Benazir contacted me a few weeks ago from Tanzania to say the she and her fiance were coming to Amsterdam and would like to do a loveshoot or pre wedding photography shoot in the city.  I have to admit I have been so busy that I almost said that I couldnt do it. I am so glad I did do it in the end. They are a fantastic couple, such full of happiness. The told me that they wanted to find a quiet spot with less people as they didnt like the idea of everyone watching. I though "quiet place, Amsterdam?, not likely". However we settled on a first Location of the Vondelpark and I found a secluded pathway to make a start and get them to feel comfortable. We shot in the park for about an hour and they got more used to the people around and by the end of the shot we were in the midst of all the cyclists coming through the arches at the Rijksmuseum. Result!  A great shoot and we made some awesome photos. Good luck with the wedding guys. If youre interested to see a selection of photos from this years wedding and loveshoot photography then click HERE. OR check out the full stories from all weddings HERE