When a wedding photographer from Amsterdam gets asked to go to Glastonbury in England to do the photography for the wedding of two creative and stylish architects how can he resist. Resist I did not.! The magical wedding of Cathrin and Michael took place on a farm near Glastonbury with 100+ guests, many of whom had helped create the fairy tale landscape that was the setting for the day.  Guests camped in tents and brought the food the day from all over Europe and was only supplemented by the Pizza van that arrived in the evening to feed the party goers. The couple rally showed what it meant having all their friends and family there for the day. You can really see it in the photos and I am really happy that I have been able to show this back to them to keep the memories alive forever. Have a look below at some of my favourite images from the day. If you want to see the a bigger selection, and you SHOULD, then check them out HERE.  Have a look at some more of my favourite images from this year HERE