Shooting loveshoots has kept me very busy of the last few weeks in the run up to wedding season, not to mention my other work in the architecture sector.  Wedding photography is becoming more and more of a passion as time goes by and all the loveshoots really have made my experience as a wedding photographer in Amsterdam richer. This one in particular was just fantastic. Jennifer and Hannan are such a lovely couple and it was such a great afternoon photographing them in Bloemendaal, just a short train ride from Amsterdam. This is a little of what Jennifer had to say after the shoot. "From the first moment we met Mark he gave us a really easy-going and relaxed vibe, that definitely helped with the nerves.  Mark was awesome, he helped us when we needed help but made himself invisible at the same time. When I look at the photo reportage I see emotions, I see certain moments that I recognize from our private lives. Even people who don’t know us in person will ‘see us and our love for each other"  

I cant tell you how good it feels to bring the happiness to people like this. Heart warming indeed. 

See the whole shoot here