Amsterdam Wedding Photographer - Hortus Botanicus

Ika + Gary

Mark Hadden Bruidsfotograaf


It seems I am doing more and more photo shoots at the Hortus Botaniucus in Amsterdam every year. In 2018 I think I did about 10 in total but still every one was different and special in their own way. In May I photographed the amazing wedding of Lex and Sophie, which you can see HERE:. In September I was there for the super elegant and wedding of Ika + Gary.

Ika is a graphic designer with a fantastic talent and eye for detail. Gary is a Molecular Biologist, But dont let the scientist title fool you, because he also has a keen eye for street photography and creative details. Check out his Instagram page HERE to see for yourself. I love to work with creative people on their weddings and help them to fulfill the vision for how they want their wedding photography to be. In this case we had only a brief conversation about setting the scene and keeping everything tidy but Ika and Gary did so much more.

When I arrived at their new house in Den Haag I immediately fell in love with how they had styled the room for Ika to get ready in. Everything had been thought of, from the setting of lamps to the colour of the flowers and art pieces scattered around the room. It was a very photogenic setting and when Ika was ready in her first dress for the occasion I knew immediately it was going to be an amazing day. I was not wrong.!

Take a look below at just a small selection of the wedding photos below. It was so hard to choose them as there were just so many! 

So many thanks to Ika, Gary, and family for letting me be part of this special day. It was beautiful.!

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