Amsterdam Wedding Photographer -Westergasfabriek & Westerunie

David + Ronald

Expat Wedding - Mark Hadden Trouwfotograaf


David & Ronald contacted me in mid 2016 to do the wedding photography for their big day in Amsterdam. David is Scottish and Ronald, Dutch, so they thought it would be a good idea to gather their friends and family from around the world in the Netherlands for their wedding.  I am also Scottish! So I knew it would be an amazing party if there were a few of my countrymen there.   I met them both in November and could see what a fun couple they were and we got on pretty well from the start.  We kept in touch over the next few months as the wedding plans took shape and we discussed the photography for the day along the way. On the run up to the wedding we spoke a few more times to make sure we had everything covered. 

The day was amazing. Westergasfabriek and Westerunie are such amazing locations for a wedding, with such atmospheric feelings in both locations. 

The wedding day was amazing, from the photo shoots, to the ceremony, to the amazing speeches. It all finished of with a Ceilidh, some Scottish dancing and a crazy disco full of anthems from years gone by. 

It was really amazing to be part of this big day and do the wedding photography for Dave and Ron in lovely Amsterdam. Thanks guys, you're stars!