AMSTEL HOTEL WEDDING! That's all I have to say really. Except is wasn't it all, not by a long way. From the preparations in two locations, a boat ride, a portrait shoot, another boat trip on the Amstel, a dinner at another location, and finally vintage buses to the party at Blijburg. Phew.! That was tiring to write, never mind organise the whole day. Marten & Carolien had two wedding planners for the event, and what a great job they did organising it with amazing precision. I met with Marten and Carolien twice and also one of the organisers in the weeks running up to the wedding to make sure we all knew exactly where to be and keep things running smoothly. It was a beautiful ceremony in the mirror room of the Amstel Hotel.  There were tears of joy and happiness around the room. I must admit I also had a tear in my eye as one of their dear friends sang to them across the crowded room. It was very touching and emotional. The wedding couple just looked amazing on the day and their happiness and joy of life really comes across in the wedding photography.  Marten & Carolien: hartelijk dank voor het toestaan van mij om uw bruidsfotograaf op de dag in Amsterdam.