Maggie + Joep

After many years a celebration of Love

Maggie called me and said she loved my work and wanted me to be do the photography at their wedding in Amersfoort not too far from Amsterdam. She said that she is also a keen photographer and that is why she picked me. For some reason I always love it when people say that. It must mean I am doing something right I guess.  She explained that she and Joep had been together for some years and already had two beautiful little girls and so the wedding day would be a big family celebration. The day was perfect. Great weather and great friends and family. One of the reasons I love wedding photography is because of the interaction with all the people. I love to capture the great moments that happen on the day. It really warms the soul. It can be lonely being a photographer you know. Thanks a lot Maggie and Joep, it was great to be part of your big day . Echt geweldige bruiloft! Prachtige Bruidsfotografie!