Den Haag Wedding

Dima + Tom

Love conquers all


I actually met Dima a few years ago, way before I started wedding photography here in Amsterdam. In fact we both did our scuba divemaster training together in Thailand. I ended up staying there for 3 years and Dima went home to the Netherlands.  We became great friends over the next few years and always kept in touch. Dima cam back to Thailand to visit a few times with Tom when they were just friends. When I found out they had got together as a couple I was really pleased for them It was always written in the stars. A few months ago I learned that they were getting married and they asked me to be their wedding photographer for the day in The Hague. Actually they said bruidsfotograaf in Den Haag but I am still learning Dutch so we stick with English for now. I was excited and couldnt wait for the big day. It made it even more special that they were two great friends of mine and such lovely people. They are always smiling and have a great outlook on life. The wedding was an intimate one in Den Haag. Even the city hall location was super beautiful and the day was just fantastic. Thanks again guys for inviting me into your special wedding day. Echt mooie bruiloft!