Amsterdam Wedding Photography - Destination Wedding - London

Gunta + Andy

Mark Hadden - Destination Wedding Photographer


I actually met Andy a few years ago when I worked as an architect. He was lead engineer on a number of projects that the office was working on. So when I got a message that he and Gunta wanted me to be the wedding photographer for their big day in London it was a really nice surprise but I didn't really know just how amazing day it would be until it all unfolded before my eyes.

A lot of thought went into the wedding style.  The suits, the wedding dress, the food, the wine, the steam boat trip on the Thames, the wedding car, the walk through the food market all had a flavour of the Peaky Blinders. Andy is from Birmingham of course.... Gunta was truly stunning in her vintage dress and it all made for a super special day.  I didn't really know what to expect before I went to London but the whole day was just full of wonderful short stories and fun.. Take a look below at just some of photos from the day and see for yourself.  I just loved how the boys had such attitude for the photos, really like some little gangsters haha.

Thanks so much to Andy and Gunta for letting me do the photography for this beautiful wedding and letting me into their lives!.