Slot Assumburg - Heemskerk

Rowan + Gideon

Prachtige Bruidsfotografie Amsterdam, Heemskerk!

Rowan contacted me to do the wedding photography for her big day with Gideon at Slot Assumburg in Heemskerk. It wasnt a coincidence! It happened that she is the sister of a friend so its nice that they put me forward. After a couple of skype sessions we got to know each other a bit and they also told me that they will have a baby on the way.  So it would be a double celebration. Even though it was only a couple of months until the wedding I knew there would still be a little bump showing on the day. I think they were nervous for the photos because of it, but in the end Rowan looked stunning on the day (yes you looked good too Gideon, but no bump for you). In fact there is an added beautiful quality in the photos because of this little bump. In the end it only added to the happy mood for the guests and gave a special quality to the images that you certainly dont get at every wedding.  It was a great day for all and I loved it too. Thanks so much for letting me into your special day. Click HERE if you want to see the rest of the beautiful portraits from the day.