Trouwfotograaf Amsterdam - Hortus Botanicus 

Robin + Guus

Mark hadden - Beautiful Wedding Photography Amsterdam,!


Robin & Guus contacted me last year about doing the wedding photography for their big day in Amsterdam. Robin has an interest in photography so I was super happy when they chose me because of that.  Over time I got to know them a bit and met up with them when they were choosing their amazing Gin & Tonic cocktails for the day.  They wanted to focus on the couple shoots on the day, with 3 or 4 locations in mind depending on weather. So we would do a couple of photo shoots on the way to the Rosarium in Amstel Park. We did those in the Hortus Botanicus, and on the romantic Magere Brug (skinny bridge). Its said that if you kiss in the bridge your love lasts forever.  Robin looked beautiful with Guus, with his awesome green suit. We took a small boat along the Amstel with the family to the Rosarium where the ceremony was to take place. It is a lovely venue and the ceremony was emotional. All in all it was a short but amazing day for me but definitely one to remember.