Langerlust - Amsterdam

Nanda + Daniel

Wedding Photography Amsterdam,!

Nanda & Daniel got in touch just before Christmas 2016 to ask if I was available to for the photography of their wedding day at Langerlust in Amsterdam.  I looked up the venue and it seemed like my kind of thing, quite low key and outdoors in an old farm. So we met and we had a nice conversation where they told me about their interests in belly dancing and em.. fire breathing, I guess you call it.  They said they wanted to incorporate these elements in the wedding day. That sounded exciting and so I was happy to do the wedding photography for them. The day was really interesting and fun, with a ceremony in the orchard and the dinner/party around the glass-house.  Nanda and Daniel are such a happy and caring couple so it was great to be part of their big day, fire-breathing and belly dancing and all!