Amsterdam Wedding Photographer - Destination Glastonbury - UK

Cathrin + Michael

Magical Farmland Wedding


When Cathrin contacted me about her marriage to Michael I was partly surprised and partly not surprised at all. You see I used to work with both of them back in the days when I worked as an architect. I saw Cathrin a couple of years after I left the architecture and she said that they had got together. I remember saying in the pub that they would get married one day. And so they did...!  They asked me to do the wedding photography for their big day and I was really happy to go all the way to England to do it. Especially when I heard all about the location and all the ideas they had. I wondered if they could do it all. With the help of a lot of friends and a lot of hard work they really made happen on that special day on Folly Farm near Glastonbury. Thanks so much to Michael and Cathrin for inviting me into your story.

Coming soon for THAT SPECIAL FIRST DANCE and the crazy Yiddish folk band dancing!  Come back in a few days for the whole day to be complete.