When I was invited to Scotland to do the wedding photography for Lynne & Steve's big day at Thainstone House in Aberdeen I was very happy. My mum was too as she only lives about 15 minutes from the venue. But that's another story. The day was to be filled with lots of Scottish traditions: drinking, dancing, partying and generally just socialising and causing havoc. I knew that this was what Lynne wanted to capture. She wasnt interested in portrait photos or couple shots as she had already done a shoot with another photographer in Texas, where they live, and she felt really awkward doing it. She also said that the end result wasnt as she had hoped. I suggested that my style was maybe a bit different and that if we can make space for some portraits of them in the day she wouldn't be disappointed. I always feel that if you don't do them that the final photo selection is really missing something.  I do love doing the romantic photos and portraits and it would be a shame for her not to have some. They really show off the bride and groom in in the best light on what is the biggest day in their lives. I love to capture the intimate and emotional moments that show the connection between couples. And also sometimes a sense of stillness in what can otherwise be a very busy and energetic day.  So here are a few of my favourite shoots from the day. You can see a bigger selection from the whole shoot including all the crazy kilts and ceilidh ( pronounced kay-ley) dancing HERE. There is some amazing face pulling going on so do take a look.