Wedding photography! Amsterdam! Utrecht! Three statements that fill me with joy when I think about this story.  Just where do I start? My favourite wedding of the year so far, although its so hard to choose between your children if you know what I mean haha.  When I look at these photos it really sums up the year so far for wedding photography in Amsterdam and around: Beautiful, fresh, moody, fun, full of romance and wonderful connections.  If you know anyhting about me you will know that I love to capture connections. All of these things that come out in the photos are because of al the wonderful couples and not least Dado & Dalila. The wonderful energy exuding from this couple shows straight away and from the moment I arrived to the moment I left the wedding it was a roller-coaster ride. You can see that Dalila has a great style.  The dress is beautiful and the way she played in front of the camera made my job easy. Dado never stops smiling. Together they made some amazing images and so here they are for you to see.  Enjoy, and if you want to see some more amazing love stories click HERE. Dont forget to CHECK YOUR DATE