WOW! Is it really since July that I didnt post something here?  How busy a few months it has been. Wedding photography all over the world, Architecture shoots all over Europe and some portraits too. When its too busy to even think about photographing another wedding thats when I forget to post stuff. 

I love the Amsterdam wedding photographer "tag" that I have become known for, but I also love the Amersfoort, Utrecht, and Rotterdam wedding photographer "tag". Not to mention the Destination Wedding Photographer "tag". Thats what it has been like the last few months, literally all over Europe and the Netherlands. SO, just because you want to see how good a year its been, here are some of my favourite shots from the last while.  

Lets start with the latest wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Judith and Igor, take a bow. You were amazing. Full wedding here: Amsterdam & Destination Wedding Photography, Igor + Judith

For photographers: All images are shot with the Sony A7Rii.  If you want to see my first thoughts on the A7Riii then check out the next blog post above.

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