This week I had the chance to do a beautiful loveshoot in Amsterdamse Bos using my Fujifilm X-T1 and the XF 35mm  and 56mm Lenses.  A great landscape with a great couple. Congrats on the engagement guys and good luck with the wedding next year.

It was late in the evening about a couple of hours before sunset so just about perfect light  The sun went behind the clouds and I got the feeling the light wasn't going to be great so we decided to shoot in the shade with a lot of backlight.  This worked well.  We also shot some in the woods with minimal light and the new firmware version 4.0 seemed to help with the low light focussing. I didn't nail the focus all the time but that might have been my skills and not the cameras issue.  On the whole I cant recommend this camera enough and the lenses also. They are just great.  When I switched over from my Canon 5d3 for weddings and portrait work earlier in the year it was a nervous time for me but to be honest its been like a dream.  The Fujis are easy to carry for a whole day and do exactly what you want.  My user experience has been fantastic, although there was a bit of a learning curve.  All in all a great experience.