Its been a busy year for business headshots and I've found that the X-T1 to be the perfect tool for the work.  Its light and small and I only need one lens, the 56mm 1.2.  I dont really need the wide aperture for business headshots as I soot mostly between F8 and F11.  I use a Bowens Gemini 500R with an Octabox for the main light and a speedlight bounced off an adjacent wall or whatever there is around for fill.  I do a bit of editing in photoshop including removing skin blemishes and a bit of dodging and burning to bring out the highlights and shadows but not much more.  For the girls mostly I use a technique show in this video here to remove stray hair from the background. Depending on the skin of the individual I Might use a bit of frequency separation to blend some skin tone but not much.  So here is a selection from the years work so far.