It had been a great year for wedding photography and I am lucky to have been part of a few weddings this year and hoping for many more in 2016.  So many great couples have really added their personalities to their photos.  Lots of new friends and relationships have been made.  

I made the transition from Canon 5d3 to the X-T1 earlier this year and indeed it was a bit frightening at first.  A whole new system! God what was I thinking? It took me a while to get used to it and read a lot of helpful articles on the fuji x series blog HERE.  I saw a few people switching over and somehow this made me feel more comfortable.  I love the x cameras and also use the X100T for wedding work, but the 35mm 1.4 and 56 1.2 are my go to lenses.  The image quality from the Fuji X System is great.  I'm not going to lie and say I dont miss anything about the full frame 24mp sensor of the Canon because I do.  I miss the detail from the larger sensor for sure.  I also shoot architecture and use a 36mp Sony A7R for that.  If I could have half way between the A7R and X-T1 for detail I would be more than happy.  I find myself now toying with the idea of changing over to Sony but the user friendliness of the Fuji keeps me there. For Now... Lets see what the new year brings.

Anyway, Here is a selection of images from the year so far.

UPDATE: I no longer use fuji cameras.  I now use the Sony A7Rii. I didnt really enjoy editing with the Fuji raw files and found myself taking way too long to make the colours how I liked them. With the Sony my job is very much easier. If you want to see a selection of images from 2016 using the Sony you can see them HERE