Wedding Photographer Amsterdam - Hortus Botanicus

ambrose + benjamin

United States in Amsterdam


I first connected with Ambrose a few years ago when I lived in London and she studied there and a friend asked me if I could show her around. Although we never actually met, we kept in touch sometimes via instagram. I was always intrigued with some of the photo shoots that she did. So when she told me that she was coming to Amsterdam with Benjamin to get married I was more than happy to help with being the photographer for them on their wedding day at the Hortus Botanicus.

It was just the two of them visiting Amsterdam and they had planned some beautiful moments where they read their vows to each other and exchanged rings in the cactus house. There was a real softness to their connection and that made it a real pleasure for me to capture them. We only spent about three hours together but it was really great to finally meet them and get to know them a bit. I hope I was able to give them some photos that will keep their memories fresh forever.

Thanks Ambrose and Benjamin for coming all the way to Amsterdam and letting me be part of your special day.

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