Wedding Photographer Amsterdam - Paviljoen Puur


Expat Wedding, Connections Over Borders


I met Laura and Craig last year when they had just moved to Amsterdam. As soon as I knew Laura was Scottish, of course I was super happy to be asked to do the wedding photography on their big day at Pavijoen Puur,  Craig also has some Scottish roots so I was sold!

Paviljoen Puur is such a beautiful location for a wedding, with its calm and lush environment. This is especially true when you have your wedding on Pride day in Amsterdam when the city is so full of people.  

Laura and Craig are really full of life and their happiness really comes across in the photos. There were so many laughs during the ceremony it was fantastic to see, and as Laura said "we are Scottish, we dont cry"... The day finished of with a Ceilidh, which if you dont know, is Scottish traditional dancing. It can be very energetic and so I really wanted to make this come across in the photos. The Scots do love a good party!

Have a look below at just a small selection of the wedding photography and let me know what you think. 

Thanks Laura and Craig for letting me into your lives and this special day.

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