Amsterdam Wedding Photographer - Real Connections

Jelle + Mijke

Bruidsfotografie Amsterdam door Mark Hadden


I love it when couples come to me with a clear vision for what they expect from their wedding photography. When I met Mijke and Jelle, Mijke told me exactly what kind of style and content of photographs she liked. It sounded just like me..! On top of this I felt a great connection right away. They were so friendly and happy, just my kind of people. As time went on Mijke sent me her pinterest board with some syling and wedding photography ideas so I really got a flavour of how the day might be.

They have a great sense of style and you can really see this in the photos. The venues they chose, the decorations and stylish wedding wear really made it easy for me to make beautiful photographs for them. Mijke got ready in a lovely B&B called Villa Nicola. It is really a stunning location with every detail meticulously thought out.

We left the B&B for a walk through the city to make some photos on the way to the ceremony venue, Atelier de Vijzel, Then a boat trip, and finally dinner back at the ceremony venue. The whole day just oozed class and I am so happy I was part of it, in some small way.

Thanks again to Jelle, Mijke, friends and family for letting me be part of this special day.It was amazing!

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