Utrecht Wedding Photographer - Mark Hadden

Dado + Dalila

Prachtige Bruidsfotografie Amsterdam En Utrecht!


When Dado & Dalila contacted me about photography for their wedding day I have to say I was a bit overwhelmed by how much they liked my work. They were super enthusiastic to have me for the day and this made me super excited. We talked on Skype first and had a good connection straight away.  They told me of some Bosnian traditions for the wedding and I knew it would be super fun.  I wasn't disappointed. From the time I got to their house the energy of the guests was electric and it didn't stop until I left the venue later that night. From the parade of horn honking cars on the way to the venue to the vigorous hustle of the traditional dances later that evening.  It was a real pleasure photographing the couple, who are so photogenic it would be hard to make a bad photograph. I didnt have to direct them at all, the smiles and fun just oozed through.  Absolutely one of the best weddings ever! Thanks again guys for trusting me to do the photography on your amazing wedding day. I will remember it forever. Echt geweldige bruiloft!