Lynne + Steve

Destination Wedding - Scotland
Beautiful wedding photography in Aberdeen, my home town.!

A few months ago Lynne contacted me from the USA. She and Steve were to get married in Aberdeen. They had already done an elopement in Texas, where they live, but were keen to have a big celebration for friends and family back home.  Coming from Aberdeen it has a special resonance for me so I was really happy to help on what would really be for me destination wedding photography. Over a couple of calls I got to know Lynne's wishes for the wedding photography and how keen she was to capture the essence of the party: the crazy atmosphere. the kilts , ceilidh, dancing and drinking. More than anything this was the aim and not only to have 'traditional' wedding photos. It was all about the vibe but we still managed to get a few portraits in amongst all the fun. It was a great day at Thainstone house just outside Aberdeen in the wonderful Scottish countryside for Lynne & Steve to celebrate their union in front of family and friends and I think everyone had a blast!